Near FM wins Celtic Media Festival award for best radio drama with ‘Petals’ by Gillian Greer.

The Celtic Media Festival is an annual 3 day event that promotes the languages and cultures of the Celtic Nations and Regions in media. It combines a major conference of seminars and master classes with  presentation of  coveted prizes in an international competition across all the main content genres in TV, radio, film and digital media. This year due to the COVID-19 outbreak the awards were held online.

The Torc Award for Best Radio Drama

“Hugely ambitious, hugely captivating and hugely original. The prospect of an hour long monologue in the form of prose didn’t seem particularly compelling on paper but on radio it was fantastic. The winner unfurled itself like a book, we were brought on a humorous, sad day long story that was a joy to listen to and that was tough to listen to.

This years winner of the Celtic Media Festival’s Radio Drama Category was one of the best things I’ve heard on radio in a long, long time.”

Rónán Mac Con Iomaire

Petals is the story of one girl and her journey towards the night of a lifetime along with the trail of lust, longing and loss she finds on the way. Written entirely in verse, Petals takes a vibrant look at what it means to be sexually awakened in a city where school nuns shame, school boys leer; where less is more, no means yes and the beer-soaked nightclub is sanctuary.

Last year it was featured as part of our series of new audio drama from women writers. It was written by Gillian Greer with script consultancy by Lisa Tierney-Keogh. It was directed by Jeda de Brí and starred Kate Gilmore.

Petals was supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme with the television licence fee.

Listen to ‘Petals’

The full anthology series is available online here:

And you can hear the first 3 plays from series two here: