Bunratty Maisonettes – Part 1

This series made in conjunction with Dublin City Council records the social history of the Bunratty Maisonettes in Coolock. The Maisonettes, built in 1965, were due for demolition in 2008 and NEAR fm, which is within a very close proximity, tells some of the stories of the lives of people who lived in the Maisonettes before they are confined to history. There are, notwithstanding its notoriety for social problems, also many positive stories that have come out of the Maisonettes and this is where we concentrate.  The lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people, were partly shaped by the time they lived in these Maisonettes.

This series of five 15 minute documentaries examines the history, people and organisations which existed within the Maisonettes over the past thirty years.

Producer – Geraldine Wynne